Saturday, July 23, 2016
Psalm 23 Ministry

I have not been locked up in a cell but I have been held captive as a prisoner in my own body. No matter how impossible a situation looks, there is nothing that the Lord can't handle! If He can cure a life-threatening disease, cause me to walk and talk again and then bring me back from the brink of death, several times, He can take care of the situation you're going through! 

As a volunteer chaplain, my wife and I are visiting inmates daily in Maine jails and prisons, sharing the message that so many desperately need to hear. Christianity is all about relationships. I love to spend time with the inmates. Many just need a friend. And if they want me to be, I want to be that friend. More from Tom 

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About P23

The purpose of "P23M" is to minister and to share God's hope to the hopeless and the forgotten. That definitely describes the incarcerated. Because of what I've been through, I have a desire to tell others the the gospel message of Jesus Christ and to tell people what the Lord has done for me.  We want to bring glory and honor to Him and see His kingdom advanced. 

"I love to lead prisoners to Christ! Please pray that God gives me even more fields to harvest!"

More from Tom


Against All Odds

Some Testimonials


Danny Funderburk

Danny FunderburkAs I was beginning my fulltime career with the Cathedral Quartet, I met a young man that was faced with a world of opposition. Crippled and confined to a wheelchair that was supposed to contain him for the rest of his life with seemingly no hope in sight. One would think that his life would be over, but not in Tom's case. Never have I met anyone as strong as Tom, with such a desire to live a full life. Tom truly knew where his strength arose!

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